Zhan’s ARK

Zhan’s ARK: Survival Evolved cluster will consist of The Island (Permanent), Fjordur (Permanent), along with 1 rotating story map. Plan on building your permanent bases on either The Island or Fjordur. I will be changing the rotating story map after each boss has been killed. Both structure and dino decay are disabled.


You may download all the mods before connecting. Remember that the mods need to copy into the game directory once it loads, so you should download the mods, load the game, wait for that to finish and then click one of the links below to join.



  • Player Harvest Multiplier: 3x
  • Dino Harvest Multiplier: 4x
  • Crop Growth Multiplier: 2x
  • Hexagon Multiplier: 2x
  • Player / Dino Experience Multiplier: 1x
  • Taming Multiplier: 5x
  • Mating Interval: 0.1x
  • Mature Multiplier: 50x
  • Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier: 10x
  • Cuddle Interval: 0.0464x

Server IPs

Click to join, or add to your Steam favorites

  • The Island:
  • Fjordur:


  • The cheap “Re-fertilizer” does not work with the S+ Hatchery. You need to craft the real recipe that becomes available at level 38.
  • Dino levels are level set. A level 150 has just as much a chance to spawn as a level 5.
  • Decay is disabled
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